Tuesday, February 06, 2007

L+1 with two hanes

Giving the solution for this shape. Sorin found it when I posted this shape a few days ago.

Click here for sgf file if zgo doesn't work for you.

Update: The second solution I was showing was indeed not right. I fixed it in the sgf file. Thank you, Sorin!


Chris said...

Hi, I've just setup a new Go blog aggregator at http://planetgo.org/ and added your blog. Hope that's okay! Please let me know what you think and if there are any recently-updated blogs that I missed. :)


Sorin Gherman said...

I don't think the 2 solutions are equivalent, though: in the second one, after black 5 connects on the first line at Q1, what if white takes one outside liberty with O1? The result would be a 2-step ko for white, but at least black doesn't get away with the double-ko.

Alejo said...

There is something you missed on the html code. It is ok for games now, but you have to configure it for problems, it's really easy:
In the field "fileType", now it's currently set to "game", change it to "problem".
Now, white will answer automatically to black moves.

O_Scientist said...

Chris, thank you, great aggregator!

Sorin, hmmm, yes, you have a point there. I didn't have much time to look at it, but yes, looks like only the first solution works.

Alejo, thanks, I wasn't even thinking about that when I added the file. I just fixed it.

Nanny Ogg