Sunday, February 04, 2007

Forty Two!

IGN Goama Newsletter sent out his 42nd issue today. I have been reading this since the start, and I always enjoy the interviews, the trick moves, the joseki explorations and the most exciting games of the week. It has a good coverage of international go news.

A few weeks ago, it gave a link to determine your strength at go.

I realized I had never posted about this newsletter, so time to rectify that and point people to it. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter, or click here, to find the archives.

Congrats to Goama on the 42nd issue of a wonderful go resource!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

An interesting and challenging test! I was ranked as a European 15-Kyu. Probably a bit higher than I should have received, since I only ever play 9x9 games against the computer and I'm too embarassed about my skill level to play against actual players....

I'll be sure to follow the newsletter. It looks interesting.