Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Joys of Living

I played this game, in which I did reasonably well, till I forgot to live. Looking back, it think I had tagged that group as 'alive' when it was, and failed to update when it wasn't. Feh! Stupid mistake!

The game was reviewed by sendol.

Click here for the sgf file if the applet doesn't work for you.

Only thing I can blame is focus. Will have to work on that.

MANY thanks to chiyodad, who helped me to get ZGo, this sgf replaying applet to work on my blog.


thrashor said...

I seem to have games like that myself - and not infrequently. I think I am the reason why so many low kyus on kgs do not resign when they are way behind in the middle game ;)

Bob Solovay said...


ZGo doesn't work in my browser. Could you also post a link to the raw SGF files?

O_Scientist said...

Hi Bob, just added simple link to sgf file. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.