Saturday, July 15, 2006

I Love Go!

Just wanted to share that ^^ The more I play, the more I love this game. The way it is totally simple and utterly complex at the exact same time. The way games and players can have a very distinct character. The way the stones flow on the board, like water making its way down a mountain towards the sea. Meandering on the way, but getting bigger and stronger all the time.

Yesterday, attended a good shygost lecture, had a minue lesson, and played a fun game against a friend. Quote of the day for the shygost lecture 'When I have a weak group, I chant to myself "I will not go away till this group is settled". Even if I want to take big points somewhere else, do whatever I want, I keep telling myself to settle that group first.' Sounds so simple, right. More proof of simplicity in my minue lesson, somehow things get a lot clearer when he puts stones down on the board, opposed to my clumsy kyu stones.

So much to study, so little time ^^

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