Friday, July 21, 2006

Go Club

A few weeks ago, we moved our go club day from Wednesday to Thursday, so that some VT go players would be able to make it too. This has worked out very well, we have had very good turnout. Yesterday, we had ten players and six non-players, not bad. I was late, so I only got to play one game, but it was a very enjoyable and good game. I killed something, it almost came back to life, but managed to kill it again. Fun game.

When I started playing at this go club (December 2004, when I rediscovered go), there were only two members. I boosted the membership by 50 % For the longest time it was just the three of us. Nice to have so many more people now. The japanese lady showed up again, she is 76yo and last week she came to club for the very first time. Her father used to play go, and she said it helped him a lot to keep his mind sharp. When she discovered our club in the local newspaper (we are in the calendar section), she decided she would love to learn to play too.

Still studying wangwi games, I haven't spent enough time on the third one yet. My husband is traveling this week, so things here are a bit crazier than normal, not to mention that we are rescuing the basement from eight years of neglect.

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