Sunday, February 20, 2005


This is going to be my new go motto. Tenuki, tenuki, tenuki. Went to bed mumbling it, dreamt about it, got up and thought about it, tried to explain it to some one, and just kept thinking it. Tenuki, tenuki, tenuki!

Still playing at least one human opponent per day, and not playing much against the computer anymore. Have been learning a lot by studying the go dojo about sector fights, and have only worked through the first part. Amazing all the things I always kind of felt, but never could verbalize. To see them put into action and into rules.

Yesterday, I lost one game by 1.5, and another game by a lot. That game was a teaching game, against a 13k, and he showed me very clearly about tenuki. How I kept replying to his moves, even if they were small, instead of playing bigger points, or forcing moves that would have worked much better.

Tenuki, tenuki, tenuki! Maybe I should tattoo it somewhere on my body...

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flyingfisher said...


you mean that trickey, sneaky, almost invisible at times raccon like japanese animal?!

i'm reading backwards so I'mintrigued as to how tenuki ended up here.