Monday, February 07, 2005

Live and Learn

Played a good game on KGS today, we pretty much went even up through most of the game. So at the end, I relaxed, sat back, and filled in the last few points. No, this is not one of those cases where I missed an atari. It is even worse. I had a perfectly alive group, at least I thought so. There was one of my opponent's stones in there, but I had looked, and knew he couldn't do anything with it. I was wrong. Not only did he find the vital point to play, but I messed up my answers, and let him kill my group. I should have taken that stone instead of letting it be. And even after not taking it, I could have turned it into a seki if I had been thinking more clearly.

Later, I replayed the game, and looked at the score estimate if I had just taken that stone. I would have won by 0.5 points... Live and learn! Or, of course, die and learn in this case. Oh well, tomorrow I'll play better!

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