Saturday, February 05, 2005

One Thousand Problems

Today, I passed the one thousand problems milestone. Sounds like a lot, but it still doesn't feel like I have made a lot of progress. I know that those things do not happen overnight, but it sure would be nice to see some results from all my problem solving.

Most of those problems were from The Many Faces of Go. I really like that it adjusts the problem level dependent on how I am doing. It is fun to see the level of the problems go up, although I inevitable will make it drop down again by messing up a few.

In a way it is discouraging not to get better fast by doing those problems. It would be so nice if there was a shortcut to get to first dan. Or a garantuee. 'Do xx problems and become good at go!' Oh well, that's just not how things work, so I better buckle myself in for the right, get comfortable, and keep doing the grunt work. I keep telling myself that I am getting a tiny bit better every day. And some day, I might even be able to see that reflected in my ranking :-)

I have mostly been playing humans now, but sometimes I still play The Many Faces of Go when I don't have enough time to play a game on any of the go servers. Today, I finally managed to beat level 5, so that shows I must be improving a tiny bit at least. Also, it seems to be playing clumsier than it did a few weeks ago, I am kind of hoping that that means that I see more mistakes than I did back then. Even if I am not noticeably improving, I can still talk myself into believing that I am improving, right?

I have started playing on Dragon Go ServerIt is a turn-based server, very different experience from KGS. I enjoy playing in a more leisurely way, and taking more time to think about my move. Although somehow it also seems that this increases the pressure to play 'the perfect move'. And I am still very far away from being able to play that one. So I guess I should just try to play the perfect move for me


Anonymous said...

From my experience, I think you will improve faster playing games against humans and studying joseki/fuseki at this level, then maybe start doing problem after 5k...

Anonymous said...

Hi! I wish I had the time to take up the Shodan Challenge; maybe next year :)

However, I see you are playing on DGS. Feel free to invite me to a game. My userid is hurkle, and I'd invite you, but I don't know your userid.

I wish you the best of luck in reading 1D.