Tuesday, July 03, 2012

July Madness

I might not have been posting, but I have been busy playing. I really want to get back to ASR alpha and on the last day of June I was still stuck in gamma and not even ready to promote.

But I played and managed to promote to beta.

(ASR has four layers, with alpha being the highest and delta the lowest)


Since July 1st was a Sunday I actually could play quite a lot so I got as many ASR games in as I could. It is my experience that it is easier to get games early and late in the month. I didn't want to get stuck in desperate late month games again, so happy that I got all the early games in.

I played way more games than usual, let's see whether I can keep it up during the rest of July. Even if they aren't ASR games, I think actual playing beats boring study :D
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shugyosha said...

Kinda new to your blog, started reading it some weeks ago after re-engaging Go [yet again].

Couple of questions:

* Doesn't your will to join the Alpha league kind of run counter to you foregoing KGS ranks?

* Are you still interested in Handicap? I recently found a nice book by Yutopian / Nihon Kiin.

Take care.

Ferran, BCN

NannyOgg said...

Hi Ferran!

Nope, ASR doesn't care about ranks, all games are even, so it's ok to be unranked.

Yes, I still would love to read more about playing white in handicap, please let me know what's the title.


Karen / Nanny

shugyosha said...

WRT the ASR, my point is that you're simply substituting one kind of rank (kyu/ELO) with another (which league you qualify for).

"[The Nihon Ki-in] Pro-Pro Handicap Go; 100 battles, 100 wins", Yutopian, 1-889554-08-1. I believe there's another very similar one.

Take care.