Saturday, June 23, 2012

Messy Opening

Two games today, not perfect, but not bad either. It is at least a start to get back into playing.
The second game had an interesting, but messy opening.

I was white in this game. Move 1 to 4 were unremarkable, but black 5 was unexpected. If he wanted to split up the left, I would have expected a third line move.

I decided that taking away his base from the direction of my komoku was best answer. I played white 6. Again he surprised me and played black 7. Hmmmm, I wasn't sure how to reply to that one.
Looking back I am not sure whether I like my game move, and think I would have preferred to reply at E12.

But in the game I played C15 and got this result.

Black 15 was not particularly sente, so I played white 16 to attack his lone stone.

We went on for a while, never ever playing on the right side of the board, and this was the end result on the left.Very regrettable death...

It feels good to be playing again. 

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6 comments: said...

Thanks, interesting post.

Hm, I can't tell whether "Very regrettable death" is serious or not -- you're white, and white's alive everywhere on the left, right? So what's regrettable? Maybe I've missed something?

NannyOgg said...


I was talking about the black group on the left (lower side) that seems deadish. I was regretting black's death, figuring I should show empathy for my opponent.

Not like I don't kill my own groups often enough too, but in this case I got lucky and killed him.


Fede said...

Was this game played on Wbaduk? I have seen plenty of strange things there.

Maybe the 4th line play at move 5 could be intended as a sort of "fire and forget" move that is meant to escape only when your moyo needs reducing? Otherwise I agree the third line seems better, as it helps get a base.

NannyOgg said...

Hi fede,

Nope it was a KGS game.
But you are right, on wbaduk it would not have surprised me as much, especially not move 7 since they always seem to play to complicate.

Hmmm, hadn't thought about the "fire and forget" possibility of it, cool!



Evgeny She said...

Welcome back, Nanny!

I prefer E12 for W directly after Black's kakari D15. Now it's good fight for W: black stones separated and he can't take both.

After C15 Black still have good chance to start nadare-like-stuff with D16 and gain wall facing hosi or make C12 stone more-less useless

NannyOgg said...

Thanks, Evgeny

Yes, looking back E12 is much much better!