Friday, July 27, 2012

Intermezzo: Lucky Ladder

Will post the other two Boston games soon, but wanted to share my lucky game of the day.
It started 'boring' although I don't see that one space high pincer much.


I am black. I expected him to jump from his hoshi stone, but he tenuki'ed.
Since he didn't play at A, I decided to play there and see what happened.


I expected his next move.


But then he surprised me again, and I made many mistakes answering his moves.


Anyway, the game went on, and eventually we came to this position. It is black turn, so I knew that I could live with one of my groups at least.


Those two stones were going to be my second eye.


He replied at A. I immediately recognized the present he gave me and realized I just got super lucky.


He resigned... Yes, I realize it was just luck, but I still enjoyed it ^^
Here is the game.

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Benjamin Hong said...

So I was staring at the kifu, but I noticed that you didn't need those stones for a second eye. I think the entire group was already dead! =) Nonetheless, well done at slaughtering your opponent.

Gexton said...

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