Friday, April 01, 2011


I did it!
Got myself from a Beta group in the ASR league demoted to a Gamma group. It is not always easy to get games when I had time and I had a lot less time than I did in February. Oh well.


I plan to be in Beta again next month. I like how the league motivates me to play more, even if that didn't quite work out this month.

Today is a snow day, all the kids at home but I still managed to get in my first ASR loss of the month ^^.


Mikey said...

Yeah it's really hard to get the games when you want to play. ; ;(sad face). Considering there is about 20 or so players in a group from anywhere in the world. I think some sort of program should be established within the group; Like each player nominates best times to play, done in an excel doco. And I guess line em' up and schedule game for best possible time for both players.
Or have the groups based on timezones.
Or have a sort of 'powerhour' once a week lasting three hours, where by all players do their best to meet at that time. =)

Mikey said...

OK... Just occured to me after reading that. Just like they do for Inseis, have a schedule day\s or time\s every week. Players meet and play as schedule by the administrator. So opponents organised by the administrator. Honestly I think that would be the best way to do it.

Poopoo yeah...haha