Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Don't Run With Scissors

Haha, so much for my go playing. Much life is happening, much of it is good, but somehow it takes up a lot of time! I have been trying to get ASR games in the little bit of time I have left, but have not been very successful in meeting up with others in my group. I'd better get some more games in or I will go right back to gamma next month. Oh well.

Because I can't get ASR games I have been playing relaxed and reasonably fast games on wbaduk. Which would be wonderful if I didn't manage to keep getting killed in positions where I thought I would be fine.

Interesting playing style they have, tons of cutting and fighting. When I try to do it right back at them, I either get killed or I lose an arm or a leg or even more often, an eye.

If anything I am even more convinced of the value of studying capturing races more seriously. The easy ones are , well, easy but the more complicated ones mostly give me a head ache and a desire to take up chess.

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