Monday, October 13, 2008

Jumping Back In!

Yes, I know, too much life, not enough go.

But this week, I couldn't resist registering for the KGS Iron Man tournament

The timing is all wrong and I have tons of stupid legal matters to attend to this week, but I figured playing some games, even if not perfect circumstances, is better than not playing at all.

Result so far:
  1. Last night at 9pm, played a 2k, won when he suicided his cutting stones;
  2. Woke up at 3am, played a 1d, panicked, cut when I shouldn't and lost this game;
  3. Tried to play 9am game this morning, against a 2k, and resigned in disgust after I made stupid ko threat. Haven't reviewed the last two games yet, but I am sure I can learn much from them.

Anyway, don't think I can play anymore games today during the day, but happy I got those three games in, against all odds. It feels good to be playing again!


Anonymous said...

If you keep putting off playing so much, the rest of us will catch up with you. Great!

NannyOgg said...

Hey! I am sure I'll be back to playing again soon.

Just you wait ^^