Friday, October 17, 2008

First Iron Man Game: Big Mistake!

I ended up playing only those three games, but hey, I did get to play and am having fun reviewing the games in between too much life.

First interesting big mistake in the first game:

I was Black, trying to play mini Chinese, but White did not not agree and played 6 instead of the expected C14, so I punished by playing 7 at C14 myself. White's reply at 8 was labeled 'big mistake' by sendol.

Black can play A or B now, what would be your choice?

I thought it would be best to play A now, but interestingly enough sendol recommended B.

White is quite painful now. This is interesting sequence:

Move 18 is needed to make the hane at 20 sente. If the hane at 20 is omitted, White owns a dead J group. With the hane, the J-group is alive. Quite an important difference.

Expected followup could be like this, and now Black has a severe move to attack the three White stones at the top.

One of the possible scenarios:

More can be found in the sendol review of this game.


Anonymous said...

Good commentary. Just the right amount of focus without clutter.

If you did this kind of stuff regularly, your blog would quickly become wildly popular (who knows?)

NannyOgg said...

Thank you ^^

I am trying to post more regularly, but the blog seems to be one of the balls I drop when I juggle too much.

I'll keep trying!