Saturday, October 25, 2008

Iron Man Review: Dangerous Move of the Day

First iron man game: dangerous move A. Turned out ok because of the ladder breaker in the bottom right, but it was way more dangerous than I had imagined. Maybe some day I should try reading during my games.

Challenge for you guys to figure out why it is so dangerous.

To help you, this is the correct move for black:


truelandbard said...

LP Jent here...

Hmmm. Isn't the push at the jump generally considered bad regardless? That is to say, after the 3.3 invasion has played out, and you made your 1 point jump, isn't pushing for white considered to be a poor move, since cutting is not feasible?

Regardless, the hane at A is bad because ti opens up a sequence where your two vertical stones are put into a ladder.

Still, I think white chose a rather poor joseki, all things considered. I think I would have prefered to build a wall facing the bottom, rather than a wall facing the right.

Still, neat game.

Thanks for sharing.


NannyOgg said...

Hi lp jent! Long time no see, how's things?

I think joseki choice was ok, since if the wall faces the bottom, black ends in sente and immediately plays to nullify the wall's influence. I'll show you on kgs some day.

Will post now about the dangerous move in a new post, my life has been crazy as usual ^^