Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oza Game Five: Moyo Madness

Yes, I know, I have not been posting. Got kind of distracted by kicking out my husband. Which was good decision, but had me pay less attention to go for a few weeks. Life is good now though, the lack of negative energy in the house is amazing, and I hope my go will reflect that. Some day ^^

I almost decided to skip my Oza game 5 and 6, but I want to add them for completeness. I'll keep it pretty short though.

Game five story in a nutshell: he made big moyo, I tried to stay calm and not panic. The important word being 'tried' Somehow, it didn't quite work out that way ^^ Here is one of the positions.

The calm thing to do would be to play at A, get thick and attack the B group. Sendol showed this:

Not quite what happened in the game. I guess this is where I lost my calmness, and things kind of detoriated. I ended up losing by 6.5 points. I will share my sendol review of the game. It has many interesting variations. Too bad I didn't find them during the game. Enjoy!


becci said...

Nice to have you back! :)

Anonymous said...

Ya. I've just been reading your blog from the very beginning, because I was quite enjoying your theme and story-line, and I'm curious to see how you are studying Go. And then when I finally get caught up to date... you're AWOL!

Glad to see you're keeping an even keel here. Maybe I'll even learn something about Go too.

lpjent said...

Nice to see you again Nanny. Glad you're back.