Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oza Game Six: The Shame!

This game was ...


I could come up with many excuses, about being tired, about trying too hard, about it being the last game. But the story is, that I just played some bad moves without enough thinking. Or without thinking at all.

My favorite review quote: "White A is just unthinkable. If I were white, I wouldn't be able to sleep that night, full of anger, having played this humiliating move"

This summarizes the game, it mostly teaches me to take a deep breath, focus and be present. Not just play the first likely move. Or unlikely move. This game is more about lack of discipline than about lack of go knowledge.

The good news is that I had a great time at the oza, meeting many people I had only met on line before. On Monday, we did some sightseeing of Baltimore, which was fun in itself. And I learned lots from all my games, now I just need to apply it.


goki said...

So, what exactly is the problem with 'A'? I'm sure it is obvious for the better players, but could you please enlighten a lowly kyu?

NannyOgg said...

Hi goki,

It might be obvious for better players, but since I played it in the game, I can't fault people for not seeing it at once, I guess ^^

The problem is that A connects two groups which are totally fine by themselves. The A move nets me about zero points (dame) and doesn't do ANYTHING. It is basically a pass. Not a good idea to play a pass move at this stage of the game.

Let me cut and paste some of minue's review of this game

allpotti [8d?]: this (black P15 move) is just bluffing, which is not threatening to white at all. You often are too scared of this type of opp;s cheeky bluffing. Here, see, this black is trying to make P15 to be forcing move for free, very impudently

NannyOgg [-]: and I fell for it :( without thinking much

allpotti [8d?]: answering with white A doesnt not make ANY sense. Here, white move A is NOT GO at all. In summary, in Go, fight begins when ur opp tries to make ur pos inefficient. Here, answering P14 with P15 is inefficient

allpotti [8d?]: If this is not clear to you, examine this position everyday until you realize that playing P14 is very inefficient move...


goki said...

Thank you very much NannyOgg, it is obvious indeed once you have it explained ^^