Friday, January 04, 2008

Playing Guests

Lately, I haven't been playing much, which means that my kgs rank usually isn't very solid. When I put up a game, I often get challenged by guests.

I have been enjoying playing them. I think what I like best is the unpredictability of it. It's like opening a surprise present. Will it be someone who has never played before? Will it be a reasonable strong player? Will it be a dan player intent on killing everything in sight?

Often, I end up getting really good games from guests, even if there is the occasional 20k rude escaper. What is really fun is if you get to play the same guest again a few days later, at least you have some idea of level. And can try to win this time around. If I have an escaping guest, I just consider it a win, and find another game.

One good thing about guests is that it's good reminder to play the board, not the opponent. Never bad to be conscious of that. I find that I play my opponent too often still.

Only fifteen days till the Oza!

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