Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Iwamoto tourney 3-2

My fourth game of iwamoto tourney, I missed an extremely simple net. I still can't believe I missed that, feh!

Jing: I looked over your game. How did you miss the net? You know you will never hear the end of it now
me: The net... What net? Oh, THAT net!
Jing: Under basic stone catching
me: I will have to do stone capturing problems till i NEVER miss a net again.
I know. It's horrible.
Jing: Usually on page two on introduction to go. After ladders
me: ...
Jing: well, nice driving tesuji
me: right ^^ Just wrong application :p
Jing: pity the advanced technique is worse than the 30k technique here
me: when you just studied hammers, everything looks like a nail

B to play

Jing: It's focus during the game?
me: Oh, good point. Since this was a very interrupted game. You have NO idea how often i said 'If it is not blood or fire, I do NOT want to know about it' to yet another kid.
Jing: I mean if it was presented as a go problem, you would solve it instantaneously. So I do not think it has to do with knowledge
me: True. So back to focus
Jing: I dunno. This is one of the hardest things in go. You can work very hard, and study very hard. But at the end of the day, still have to use the knowledge on goban

This mistake put me far behind, but luckily I was not the only one making mistakes. I slowly could pull back till he resigned. Sendol reviewed this game.

My fifth game was just bad, not much interesting happened in it. Ended up in a massive capturing race, where I was exactly one lib short. Yes, it's always just one ^^


Let's Go said...

[SPOILER] My guess is H15, it catches the 2 white stones and connects the 2 black groups. [/SPOILER]

I didn't have a look at sendols review. But i guess he might have said that you were too passive :)

Benjamin Teuber 6d GER said...

But, actually, missing the geta is just the tactical mistake you did in this situation, which meant you didn't find the best move.
You made an even bigger strategic mistake with the sequence you played, as you strenghened white and weakened (probably already sacrified) some big stones of yours on the top left (F15 and friends) for just attacking 3 worthless stones that are not cutting anything ar having a large territory connected to them...
So, you disregarded the big thing in order to grab the small thing!
So, in addition to simple go problems you should focus on strategic thinking: What is big, what is weak/strong. What can I/my opponent easily sacrifice (light), what do we have to save (heavy)? What are cutting stones? Never attack stones that are meaningless and small - just focus on the important/big groups!