Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Joys of Suiciding

Last week was my third iwamoto game. After two wins, it felt like it was more important to win again, or at least try my utter best to play good moves.

Well, that lasted a few moves until my handicap stones started running around, and interfering. Still , I was mostly ok about the game till around here.

I mean White A and B groups both are weak, I felt I should be able to profit nicely from attacking them. So in a moment of utter stupidity, I decided to suicide my cutting group when he invaded at R3. Sigh.

A is losing move here. I looked at all the right moves, and then clicked the wrong one in a moment of hastiness.

From then on it was just flailing and I eventually resigned. Oh well ^^ This made me 2-1 in Iwamoto, resulting in a 17th place out of 92 in my group for current standings.

I uploaded review of this game by minue.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for sharing the review and congratulations for your 4rth round win.