Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Online Go Server

Mike helpfully pointed out a new site to play turn based go: OGS, or Online Go Server.

Their FAQ states: "What we are trying to do with OGS is to create a site with a heavy focus on organised tournament and competitive play, with a fully integrated coaching and game reviewing system coming in the next few months to help players improve their ability. We also have some features that are unique to our Go server such as "conditional moves" (the ability to set up pre-programmed responses to your opponent's moves, thus speeding up the flow of the game)."

I started playing a few days ago, but haven't played in any tournament games yet, or on 19x19 boards for that matter. Seems like there is a tendency towards small boards. It is working fine so far, will be interesting to see how it develops.

If you like turn-based go, check out this new server.


Anonymous said...

Hi... I've been on OGS for a while, and am quite enjoying it. Not too many players, and very many are raw beginners. but, there are always a good selection of all strengths.

The best feature of OGS is the tournament system. New tourneys start every 2-3 months, I think. They've starting experimenting with various formats -- elimination, McMahon, whatever. But the result is plenty of good games.

As for your observation that small games are popular -- yeah, possibly because of so many beginners (thx to Hikaru no Go). But plenty of 19x19, too.

I'm there (and everywhere) as GoCat. Feel free to send me a challenge, any size.

Ronald said...

When it comes to turn-based Go (on the web), you really should mention Dragon Go Server, who have set the standard for the art.

OGS are the new kids on the block. They look pretty good - meanwhile. Still, I've been playing at DGS for years now and have been consistently very happy with the software and the community there.

See also Sensei's Library's review of turn-based go servers.