Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Go and Emotions

I have more and more realized how much the emotions of the player do effect their game. I have not only seen it happen in my own games, but also in other people's games. If I start a game and I am not in a calm state of mind, my game will suffer. Helpful friends have pointed out to me that they could taste my state of mind in my game, and looking back at that game, I can see what they are saying. Interesting. I had no idea that they could even see my annoyance.

I mean, I knew that I play worse when I am tired (maybe I shouldn't have started a game last night at 3am ^^) and I know that my state of mind in the game does make a difference, but it is just even so much more noticeable than I thought it was.

Go is such a mind game, even more than I realized. Will have to make a more concentrated effort to calm my mind before important games. And I will play less games when I know I won't be able to pay enough attention to the game, since the game quality will suffer too much. At least, I'll try to ^^ Sometimes I can't resist a game, even if it's not the best timing.

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Roy Batty said...

emotions do affect our way of thinking and our decision making. i believe, to increase our producitvity in our game play one should know how to manage this emotions by thinking more rational.