Friday, March 16, 2007

Wings Go Club Monthly League

Thanks to some gentle nudging from goddess, I have decided to start playing in the Wings Monthly League again. The Wings Across Calm Water Go Club is one of the oldest online go clubs (maybe the oldest?) and one of the benefits of joining (for free) is the ability to play up to six games in their monthly league. You can join the go club even if you are part of a local go club already, it is just a way to get some more serious, and slow internet play in.

The league games are self-paired and self-scheduled. You put up an offer on a time that works for you, or you take an offer from some one. Very easy, very painless. I have gotten good games from my league games over the years. One year, I even managed to win one of the monthly leagues and played in the invitational Kings Tournament, which was super fun AND got a me a special t-shirt :)

I just put up some game offers and hope to play my league games over the next few weeks. I encourage anyone looking for serious, but friendly games, to join the Wings Go Club League.

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Terri said...


Thank you very much for writing about our League on your blog. I hope some of your loyal readers will join us in our monthly league games, and also visit us in the Wing Go Club room on KGS. I'm hoping to seeing you compete again in our League King Tournament this year. Maybe we will have our first league queen this year.

aka goddess
aka buzzsaw