Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tourney Games

Wow, that was quite a fun day in Montreal. Had to get up early (4:30am) to be there in time for registration.

So many people, there were 54 players. Our New England tournaments tend to be 15 to 30 players, so this was quite a surprise. The tournament consisted of three slow games, one hour per player and 30 stones in 10 minutes byo yomi.

I entered as 1k, and did ok. First game was against 3k. He made some slow moves in the beginning, and I thought I would win easily now. Somehow got myself into messy fight anyway, but came out victorious. We both had been in byo yomi for a while when he resigned.

Second game was against 2k. I made some mistakes, but so did he, and I ended up killing too much. Another game won by resignation.

Last game
was against 1k, and I messed up majorly. He overplayed, which I didn't punish correctly, and later I managed to lose my cutting stones in a frigging snapback. Still can't believe I missed the darned snapback, such a 30k moment! I was tired, but still doesn't feel like enough of an excuse, feh.

Still, was a fun day, and I feel mostly ok about my game. I got to meet some online friends, and got to play slow and thoughtful games. Lots of study material in them.

They could use some more female players there though, I was the ONLY female in the whole tournament. At least this time nobody asked 'Whose girlfriend are you?' , which has happened to me in Boston tournament once.

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