Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Play the Board, Not the Opponent

When you play go, do NOT play expecting a certain reaction from your opponent. Play the best move for the board, pretend your opponent is the strongest player and he will not fall for trick plays or for 'maybe he won't see this...' plays.

In a review of a game I played on one of my mess-up accounts.

lanke [-]: Overplay
lanke [-]: Why?
lanke [-]: This is not even the largest area, the left side is.
nanny [-]: Right. I mostly just wanted to see how he would handle it
lanke [-]: W territory falling behind
nanny [-]: and then I screwed up ^^
lanke [-]: That's terrible.
lanke [-]: Play properly!

OK, he had a point. That was just bad go. I will get rid of it.

Same issue came up in my minue lesson:

minue622 [7d?]: Talking about side issue: I think, Go is a game of single player in the sense that we try to read mind of stones to find next way to follow, as we read poems or novels...
minue622 [7d?]: 盤前無人
minue622 [7d?]: 盤 means "board"
minue622 [7d?]: 前 ==> in front of, or before.
minue622 [7d?]: 無 ==> there is not ...or there doesn't exist..
minue622 [7d?]: 人 ==> a man
minue622 [7d?]: Now, can guess what it means?
NannyOgg [-]: Hmmm, in front of the board, there isn't a person
minue622 [7d?]: There is nobody in front of the Go board (except me) ....yes
minue622 [7d?]: It's a Korean Go proverb.
minue622 [7d?]: Its real message is this. Who your opponent is, and how strong your opponent is (who sits in front of you across the board) is not relevant for you to play game, and to find next good move.

Having this crop up over and over, is making me more determined to just play the right move. I was watching some games of someone who was overplaying just for the sake of overplaying, complicating just for the sake of complicating, and I cannot do that. It is not the way I want to play go, so I'll work on learning normal, boring, good go. Playing the board, not the opponent.


Kipawa said...

OK, he had a point. That was just bad go. I will get rid of it.

Just a tad optimistic, no? I'll believe it when I see it, miss "meek as a lamb" (who could ever have thought up such a cleverly ironic cognomen, hmmm.....).

I was a little confused when a new blog name showed up in my aggregator, but was pleased to see it was actually an old friend. Too bad the URL still reflects the original philosophy; might blogger allow you to set up some kind of redirect?

phantom said...

I was a little surprised to see the new name too. I like it though. I miss the color scheme of the old layout, but the new photo in the header looks great.

Good luck with your restated journey!

Anonymous said...

But if when you play white on high handicap game, if you do not overplay, then you will stay behind... So you can't play the board...

NannyOgg said...

Thank you. I was ready for a change in my blog layout. This seems to reflect my current reason to play go better.

Even in high handi games, ideally should play normal moves and wait for B mistakes and inefficiency. Of course, this is easier said than done.