Saturday, September 02, 2006

Shygost Lectures Video now Online!!!!

Happy to announce that we managed to get nine of the shygost videos available using bittorent. Here are the two bittorrent files for shygost's lectures.
  1. Shygost lectures for Azureus
  2. Shygost lectures for other bittorrent clients
There are two because azureus is incompatible with other bittorrent clients. So you must use the torrent labeled 'azureus only' if and only if you have azureus. All other clients should use the other torrent. If you don't know much about bittorrent, it's a rather painless process to get involved. We recommend the utorrent client .This client is lightweight and featureful. After you have downloaded it, you more or less just open the torrent file, and off you go!

Thanks to hlamonde for getting the lectures down to a reasonable size and to gryn for helping set up the bittorrent.



Anonymous said...

Guy, no offense, but those shygost videos are TERRIBLE. The video quality is awful even if you resize. The sound quality varies from shitty to even more shitty to no audio at all. I checked and I have all the codecs. If all of this happened in order to make the file size smaller I would say nuts to that. Most people have high speed connections so big files aren't a problem. And those on slow connections are gonna be pissed when they receive this junk. BOO. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Anonymous said...

this previous comment is garbage-
these lectures are awesome,thanks for seeding :)