Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pro Pro Handicap Go

I have been studying pro versus pro handicap games, and it is helping my handicap play. Both when I am playing White and when I am playing Black. Still making tons of mistakes, but at least I can see improvement.

Last week, I finally managed to beat minue at 9H (plus -30 neg komi ^^) and have been promoted to 8H. We'll see how that goes. I seem to be very good at being pounded into dogmeat.

All the handi games have helped me study more hoshi joseki, which is helping my even game too. Still know too little, but again, seeing some improvement is nice.

Today is a rainy day, so forced to stay home and study go, too bad ^^ I am replaying a bunch of pro games I have memorized over time, seeing how many have stuck in my memory and which ones need refreshing.


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