Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New Study Organization

This is not as much a new study plan, since I am studying the same things, but a new way of organizing my studies. Yes, I have been doing problems every day and other studying, but somehow I still felt like I suffered from a lack of direction.

Last night, I talked to a friend about studying, and this morning I woke up, knowing just what to do. Thank you, Rob ^^.

I created a week's worth of study plan, showing exactly what I want to cover on a day, and providing me with space to check off and add remarks. ('Review some haengma, check; Review pro game, check; etc) It is very simple, but the visual helps me to see what I have done already and what I still should do on a single day. The same way it's easier to get things done when I make a list and cross off things.

We'll see how this works out, but somehow it feels right. I think I will be able to study more effectively with help of this study plan.

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