Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Have to remind myself about the importance of tenuki. The last few games, I have found myself caught up in local battles too many times, not looking at the whole board situation. I really should get that Tenuki Tattoo!

The last few days, I have been winning a few games, but still losing too many too. And often, I can trace back my losses to not taking tenuki at the appropriate times.

Have been really focused on life/ death problems again, doing at least 50 a day, often more. It is helping, I have been able to use it in a few games lately. Still tons of room for improvement, but I feel the glimmer of some understanding beckoning at me.

I spend a lot of time reviewing my games, which is very helpful. And just for fun, I loaded a game from three months ago, and was amazed about how many mistakes I made back then. Even more than I am doing now. Or maybe just more obvious ones. Looking forward to three months from now, when I can pull up games from today and shudder when I see the glaring errors jumping up at me :-)

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