Monday, March 21, 2005

Chugging Along

My ranking isn't reflecting it yet, but I finally have the feeling that I am getting stronger. Sometime I even can come up with a good move during my games instead of in my reviews. It is a nice feeling to feel progress happening, even if it isn't much yet.

I finished Sector Fights, just started working on Contact Fights. I am learning a lot by studying those. I think I'll go through them once, and then study them all over again a few weeks from now. There is so much valuable information in them. It's amazing how he can come up with useful heuristics for a wide variety of situations.

I slacked off on problems again, getting back into the habit now. Did 250 today, but that's unusual. I am up to over 2,000 totally though, which feels good. I mostly use The Many Faces of Go problems and the Korean Problem Academy at Very helpful!

Lately, I have been playing the San-Ren-Sei opening a lot. I am taking nachtrabe's advice and playing this for a while before I will start experimenting with something else. I want to be able to play this opening well, and then I will use different openings. So I guess I am still experimenting, but staying with one choice a lot longer than I was before. Maybe that will help improving my games too.

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