Monday, March 07, 2005

The Joy of Walls

Studying Sector Fights by Bruce Wilcox has made me more aware of the whole walls issue, how to use them, how to spoil them, when to build them, when not to build them. This is just a glimmer of awareness, there definitely is no mastery of the concept yet, but at least I am more aware of the whole issue. And of course, I have been experimenting with them, sometimes with good results, sometimes with bad.

Yesterday, I played another 16k at KGS, and during the first game, I managed to not make too many mistakes, so I got ahead and he resigned. We decided to go for another game, and this time I managed to let him build two super walls, one at the top west side, one at the bottom west side, facing each other, but far away enough that they basically gave him a super big chunk of the board. I realized that it was happening, but not consciously enough to actually do anything about it. Still not sure what I should have done, I have to go back to the game and try some variations. But I do know for sure that this was a disaster scenario.

I attempted an invasion because it was so big, but it was too little, and too late... I did manage to pull of a corner invasion at a corner where I shouldn't have lived. Still, those walls just were my downfall. I really should pay better attention to those walls, I am sure my opponent was thanking me for helping him win the game!

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