Monday, December 13, 2010

The Rollercoaster of Online Games

This morning no cats were around so I knew I could play a nice, focused game. Not sure who I was kidding but that was the mindset I had in the beginning.

I log on, find an opponent, and get black in our nigiri. We cruise along for a while. I make mistakes, he makes mistakes, life is fun. He makes his biggest mistake still and I manage to kill his group.


How regrettable for him. I relax into a 'I won the game' state of mind and stop paying attention to pesky details like white playing move A.


No reason to actually look at my opponent's moves, right, since I won the game already. I ignore his move and atari two of his stones at B.


He must have been very happy to bring his group back to life, I know I was laughing about the silliness of it all. So much for winning a won game. So much for certain victory. So much for 'black cannot lose now'. Gottalove reality checks.

My revenge came a few moves later when he did the exact same thing I did. I played A and he replied at B, giving me the game back. How generous of him.

I can't help but think that there is a life lesson in here somewhere, if only I could find it...


The whole sgf can be found here.
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