Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Lesson Learned

Today I learned that I should NOT have my cat around when I play go. See, this cute fluffy cat. Looks like a little angel, doesn't she?


This morning I played an online game.
She started walking all over my keyboard.
I pushed her off.
She came back.
I pushed her off.
She came back again.
I glared at her.
She purred and made herself comfortable.
I pushed her off.
She managed to make a MOVE in my go game for me on her way off. YIKES! Not a very good move either. Heck, it was a really bad move.
To add insult to injury, she spilled my tea all over me.

Lesson learned: She is not allowed in the room anymore when I play go. At least not today. Tomorrow I might feel sorry for her again when she is lonely and start the whole thing over.

I won the game anyway, but only barely so. No thanks to her!
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