Sunday, August 29, 2010

Overplay? II : Whole Board Position

Thanks all for the feedback. Here is the whole board position. I did 'punish' by playing b3, he answered b4, and I cut at e4. Little did I know. You are right David, the hane is playable in this position which was news to both of us. I will post more tomorrow.


Welcome back David and I am looking forward to visiting Go Game Guru.
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Anonymous said...

If b3 has ever been played in a pro game I would like you to post the game. Also I have seen the hane in pro games before. Its not an overplay .....its just unusual.

Anonymous said...

b3 has been played at least twice. For intance, it was played by none other than Rin Kaiho (vs Cho Chikun in 1986).

Anonymous said...

I am suprised to see these games. b3 seems to force e4. No pro has ever played b4.

BenGoZen said...

First time visitor. I love what you're doing with the blog. It's nice to see that fellow Go bloggers are still active.

David said...

I think b3 is rarely seen in pro games because playing b4 immediately is more popular. The reason for this is that if white connects at e4 like 'anonymous' suggests :), black then has a choice of b2, b3 or b5 to connect. I think b2 would usually be the best shape.

If black just plays b3 then the only real follow-up to white e4 would be b4, so the shape is not quite as good. However if white descends at b4, black can usually cut and get a good result. In that sense b3 is kind of a trick move, raising the bets to give white a chance to make an even bigger mistake than the hane (e3) was. That said, it's not really a bad move.

This is all hypothetical though because the h4 stone in Karen's game changes everything.