Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to Baduk and Studying

This summer vacation has been totally insane, no time for baduk at all. I spent 48 % of my time driving my children around town, 29 % of my time from preventing my house to become too much of a disaster zone and 31 % of my time feeding the hungry hordes, which leaves me not much time for baduk.

I decided to give up on sleeping, freeing up 2 % of my time for baduk studies, yay!


For the last two weeks I have been studying life and death, haengma and even a recent pro game. Not only that but I managed to visit go club and hope to get there again this week. And I am looking forward to September when the children will be back into school and I will be able to PLAY!
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Diviner said...

u look as iif u had fun .)) u gotta spend some times on ur own, and common spending time with chilren never sucks :)