Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Resigning Free Games

Yesterday's post about playing free games on KGS so that I can resign if an unexpected happening comes up brought interesting reactions.

kirkmc said 'Wow, that's pretty disrespectful of your opponents. Just because they're free games doesn't mean people don't play seriously. I'll make sure to never play you on KGS: what's your name there?'


pmurk said 'With respect to resigning unrated games on KGS, I agree with kirkmc. This is why I play more on OGS than on KGS: I can walk away any second and just use some spare minutes in between.'


Hmmmm, that was a point of view which hadn't entered my mind. I never stated that I don't play a serious game. Usually the reason I play free games is that I can resign if I need to because of unforeseen circumstances. Which do happen occasionally in my life. Maybe more likely to happen to me than to the 'average KGS player' but who knows.

I think the mindset of a free game for me is 'Let's relax and have fun'. Sometimes it's a time for experimentation, but often it is just knowing that the reality of my life is that I do not always have an hour of uninterrupted time even if I think I will.

Yes, I could offer to continue the game at a later time, but my presence on KGS is very unpredictable and it seems better to say thank you and resign. I had not realized people would consider it rude, and I still think it is a very subjective matter. Thanks for making me think about this. I am interested in other people's reaction to this issue.

So readers, please tell me your opinion. Is it rude to resign a free game because the cat just puked all over the laundry, or any other life happenings? Or is it exercising my right to finish the game when I need to, as a friend stated when I asked him?

And kirk, my name on KGS is NannyOgg.
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dfan said...

Why is this an either/or question? Yes, it is your right, and yes, it is rude.

martin.field said...

I have been told many times that just leaving a free game is equivalent to resigning, so I always appreciate it when someone takes the extra 3 seconds to hit the resign button. I play free games seriously, but I also use them to experiment with openings and styles that I usually would not play. Personally, I would not be bothered by someone leaving a free game because they ran out of time.

Henry said...

dfan makes an insightful point when he says that these two things are not necessarily incompatible, i.e. "Leaving a free game is permissible but also rude" is a statement that could concievably be true.

But I think that the point is still incomplete. Why should we conclude that leaving a free game is rude, other than the fact that it simply strikes us that way?That's the heart of the matter, not whether one has the right to do it or not.

kirkmc said...

Apparently, your cat only pukes on your laundry when you play free games: if it were me, I'd only play ranked games then.

Seriously, though. Whether it's a free game or a ranked game, if something serious happens you'll have to stop playing. I don't think free games should be treated with such a flip attitiude. I sometimes play free games when I'm trying out new stuff, but I don't play any differently, other than, perhaps, taking more risks than I would in ranked games. I also know some people who only play free games, who don't have a rank on KGS.

You should respect your opponent no matter how you play, free or ranked, slow or blitz. Granted, you resign, rather than escaping, but it's still a strange attitude to think that such games are "throw-away" games.

MarcoRosso said...

No this is fine. I do understand other peoples perspectives though. People should be thankful when they are able to play a free game at all. The reason- they are very rare. Therefore if you resign in them due to something bad happening, its not the end of the world. I for one, would not mind this. As I can just play you again when you appear online. I think what people want here is an explanation for why you are resigning. Not just some random resign.

goki said...

As an alternative, you can put a warning in the game offer about that possibility. That way, kirkmc will know to avoid the game and MarcoRosso will play you anyway. This doesn't work for automatch, though - in that case, you can warn the opponent as the game starts and if he/she is not ok, you just won't begin playing.

Personally, I can understand when someone suddenly needs to go, and will not feel offended (although I may be sorry if it was a good game).

I think rudeness implies deliberate action, and one being interrupted does not qualify as such. Of course, if you know you are going to be interrupted you may as well not start a game.

Anyway, things like rudeness and offence are always subjective, whatever you do, there always will be someone that is offended. I am reminded of this GD thread:

Slartibartfast said...

You could ask you opponent at the beginning of a game. I'm sure that lots of people would be OK with you leaving if you warn them. It's more of a unpleasant surprise, than the leaving itself that could be considered rude.

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it. Continue on as you were, Some people simply enjoy an opportunity to take the moral highground on-the-cheap. Your candor is actually commendable, and your strategy sound. And too many people are simply too full of themselves.

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Anonymous said...

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xed_over said...

I totally agree with Anonymous (and am willing to sign my name, just as soon as I remember my google/blogger login).

Some people are too easily offended, and want to force their idea of rudeness onto others.

Don't worry about it. Just keep on playing whenever you can.