Saturday, July 11, 2009

Resigning Free Games II

Thanks for all the reactions, I have pondered them all. I would like to highlight kirkmc's

"Apparently, your cat only pukes on your laundry when you play free games: if it were me, I'd only play ranked games then.

Seriously, though. Whether it's a free game or a ranked game, if something serious happens you'll have to stop playing. I don't think free games should be treated with such a flip attitiude. I sometimes play free games when I'm trying out new stuff, but I don't play any differently, other than, perhaps, taking more risks than I would in ranked games. I also know some people who only play free games, who don't have a rank on KGS.

You should respect your opponent no matter how you play, free or ranked, slow or blitz. Granted, you resign, rather than escaping, but it's still a strange attitude to think that such games are "throw-away" games."


I play free games, I play them seriously, but I am willing to resign and not worry about them if unexpected life happens. This is considered rude by some. Which I am willing to accept as their opinion even I personally do not consider it rude.

Kirkmc plays free games, takes more risks than in ranked games, which one could consider 'less serious', but he does not consider that rude to his opponent. I don't either, I am just having a hard time understanding why one can be considered rude, the other can't.

In my kgs play, I will continue to free games with the option of resigning occasionally. If my opponent resigns unexpectedly, fine. If he experiments, fine. My rule in life is to assume good intent and that's what I do in my games, and in my reaction to my opponent's choices.
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kirkmc said...

By taking more risks, I mean trying out new things that I haven't yet mastered. In what way is that "less serious"?

You're really taking this personally, aren't you?

Shiyang said...

@ kirkmc:
In what way is that NOT less serious? :p
I do see a difference between resigning and playing experimentally, but I think by agreeing to a free game, you are implicitly accepting that there is a greater probability that these things may happen.
Also, would you feel better about it if your opponent in a ranked game resigned in the same situation? Why or why not?