Sunday, April 26, 2009

Go and Calmness

It is not like I don't KNOW this, but it still surprises me every single time. If I manage to get myself into a calm state of mind, I tend to play better on the goban. This week has had some focus on finding calmness, and I can clearly notice it in my game. I suspect that adding meditation to my daily to-do list would not be bad. In my spare time.


Anyway, this weekend I attended an iaido workshop and I could feel the calmness carrying over onto the goban. I might be able to get away with daily iaido instead of daily meditation, just because I am lazy like that. Yes, in my spare time also.

Some day I will learn how to play this game. And some day I will find my inner calmness whenever I want it.
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martin.field said...

100% agreed. I have a really hard time making myself stop and think, especially on internet games.

Jayme Fosa said...

hullo Nanny!

I'm glad to see you read my blog entry about calmness and are copying it.


Oh and.. could I peruse your /collection/ for a specific item?