Sunday, March 08, 2009


Yes, I am still trying to do many easy problems. Sorry for not posting a problem last time, Haz, here is a simple one.

Anyway, I am yet again realizing that reading just is Very Important. Yes, I know, that is news for everyone, right? No one ever told me before. Cough.

Not only that, but I have displayed too much lack of reading in my games. Gah.

So I am back to doing problems. Many of them.

Since I restudied L groups and variants, I decided to teach some to a friend. I started with L group and all was well. Then I went on to L+1 and all was well until she asked 'So what other ways can you kill this shape?' And I said 'There are many other ways.' And then I realized that I have no idea how many. Heck, I have no idea which ones work and which ones don't. I do know the 'official attack' but I have no idea which other attacks give ko / death / life. I KNOW NOTHING!

As in any crisis, I looked around for chocolate. But found tea instead. Which
was almost as good. And my brain exploded. Which wasn't so good.

By now I know the other killing moves for the L+1-groups, but am not always sure about the result of the other attacks. Some result in ko, some in unconditional life. Interesting, never looked at it this systematically.

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Todd Sprang said...

My "reading" is that Black can live if it's Black's turn, and White can kill if it's White's turn.