Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As usual, I have been having too much life, and not enough go.


Goddess and my favorite bee farmer convinced me that I should stop making excuses and play already.


My new goal is at least one game a day (heck, usually one game a day is the total maximum I can manage in between my insanity anyway). Preferably I would meditate a short time before each game, but that hasn't quite happened ^^

Wednesday, I gave four stones handicap to someone at the Vermont Go Club in Burlington (Finally made it over again!). I lost.
Thursday, I taught go to a 5yo (I can count 9x9 games, no?) and played a partial game at our own go club.
Friday, I played an Indonesian friend on KGS. I won.
Saturday, I played Meepy! I lost miserably.
Sunday, I played a squirrel. I forgot how to read, and lost.
Monday, I played a random guest, who ground me into dogmeat.
Today, I haven't played yet, but will try to get a game in tonight to get myself to 7 out of 7 for the week.

Feels good to be playing again, even if I was half asleep by the time I played last night, and I spent the night dealing with puky kids. I did play!
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Terri said...

I am glad you are playing every day now. I have not missed a day since the 7th of January. I have actually played more than one game some days.