Tuesday, January 06, 2009

KGS Icon for Macs

I don't have a Mac, but am posting this for a friend. He has made a file to replace the KGS icon which looks absolutely horrible on a Mac. All you have to do to install it is right click on the application (in finder, not on the dock) find the existing icon.ics file, and replace it with this one. If you have KGS in the dock, you'll need to take it out of the dock and put it back so that the icon refreshes there.

Screenshot of the new icon. Enjoy!


Adrian Petrescu said...

Beautiful! Definitely will be using this, thanks to your friend :)

I think you should post about this on GD.com as well..

Jayme Fosa said...

Yeah it looks great, but what did the old icon look like?

NannyOgg said...

I asked about the old icon:

He replied: the old one looked like the windows one, but the problems with that are:
1) It's square which looks out of place on Mac
2) It's only 64x64 so it looks horribly blurry on a Mac (which expects you to provide a 512x512 icon for it to scale to it's heart's content).


uglyboxer said...

Wow. Years ago I cringed when I first saw the old KGS logo in my dock. I have since, convinced myself to not worry about it. But this is beautiful. Please pass my thanks along to your friend, and take a mighty fine helping for yourself along the way. ^_^

Jozo said...

the link is dead i would be so happy if you or somebody else could reup it, thanks.

AJ said...

Here is the icon: http://adam-luter.com/kgs/icon.icns

AJ said...

Oh as a link: KGS Icon