Friday, August 24, 2007

Game Record of Mirror Handi Game

I uploaded the game record of the mirror handicap game. I still have no idea how I should have resisted his strategy. I did consider mirroring him after I played tengen, like someone suggested, but that somehow felt wrong. I didn't want to stoop down to his lows.

It is an interesting problem. He ended up winning the game by 10.5 points, so I guess his strategy was successful this game. I don't think he is learning much about go though.


Kelsin said...

Go seems to suffer from this problem too. A lot of games I've played (video games mostly) have this trap that some simple strategies can trap a player that's actually trying to learn the game better. At some levels of play we're just not good enough to defend cheap strategies even though we know we should be able to. Works with Tekken and other fighting games often. Hopefully with study those techniques won't work with you, often the techniques of how to combat such tactics don't help us in our goal to become better players either :-(

NannyOgg said...

yeah, right, kelsin, you hit the nail right on .

OTOH, I dont' encounter people like this very often, so I might just shrug and ignore their stupid tactics.

Oh well ^^