Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Yuzo - Shusaku

Today, I spent some time studying game eight from the Yuzo - Shusaku sanjubango, played on March 7th, 1853. I finally got the book Invincible, and realized this game must be in it. I have studied it before, and it was interesting to get new insights from reading the commentary in Invincible. It also gave me some more historical background on this sanbujango (30 games match)

From Invincible "Shusaku's greatest achievement was his flawless record in the castle games, but the real climax of his career was the sanjubango with Ota Yuzo in 1853. Aged 23, Shusaku was approaching his peak; he had already scored eight of those wins in the castle games and had also bested all the top players of the day in individual encounters. The only player to hold his own against Shusaku was Ota Yuzo, 22 years his senior."

"The sanjubango between Yuzo and Shusaku is the most famous bango of the classical period and it represents a fitting climax to Edo period go."

Game eight of this series always has been one of my favorite games, it is fascinating to see how Black relentlessly attacks White. This three-way splitting attack is bloody awesome:

This is a great game to study and enjoy. It is the shortest of the series, but one of the most spectacular ones.


Anonymous said...

Not in 1953... 1853 no ?

O_Scientist said...

Argh! Thanks!

Yes, of course, it's 1853, no idea how that 9 snucked in ^^

Just fixed it.


Bob Solovay said...

There's another 1953 that you didn't catch in the quote from Invincible.

O_Scientist said...

Geez, maybe some day I should proofread. Thank you, Bob. It should REALLY be fixed now :)