Friday, December 08, 2006

Tourney Training

I am in my normal pre-tourney 'I can't play go, I will lose all my games, and this will prove how worthless I am!' phase. Gotta love that pre-tourney stress I can talk myself into.

Last night, I whined about it to a good KGS friend, and told her I wasn't too worried about playing stronger players, but I was wondering about my handicap giving skills. She said 'Why don't you try giving me handi?', so we played at 8H. I wasn't too impressed with my handi skills but managed to kill a big group. Still a close game though. At least it made me feel better about giving handi.

Today at go club, we worked on tourney training also. Our 4d gave a simul, playing five people (well, one was Kate on 9x9 :). I took 4H and had a reasonable game. I got all four corners and reduced enough of his huge center to win. Still made too many mistakes though. Will have to work on that :)

Drove home in our first snow storm, it'd better not snow on Saturday! The tourney is at the other side of Vermont, will have to cross the Green Mountains.

Before the simul, Kate played her 2 years-old sister Sylvia. Sylvia loves playing with Kate, even has learned how to hold the stones correctly. And Kate enjoys teaching Sylvia. It will be a while before she gets the game, but they are having fun together.

They played seriously for a while, but then it evolved into this ^^


Ash said...

Training for a tournament...that was just the topic I was discussing with a friend yesterday! But you didn't provide the answer :-( I will raise it in my blog and perhaps also as a discussion topic on GODiscussions.... but good luck anyway !

pertoskyu said...

Training for a tournament is a novel idea - just getting good nights sleep is a good idea. Sleep deficit has been my biggest challenge.