Wednesday, November 29, 2006


You know when you are staring at a problem, reading and reading and not finding the right answer? Lately, I just stop reading and skip it, coming back to it the next day. And surprisingly enough, the answer will suddenly be there and totally obvious. Amazing how the human mind works.

After a short stint of getting too addicted, I again have totally given up on blitz games now. (Last time a friend was my downfall, but not going to happen again) I do not play unless I know I can actually think and have some time. If not, I do problems or any other studying. Or hang out on KGS and be social ^^.

Both sendol and minue told me blitz was not good for me, I am trusting their judgement, even if the blitz period was fun while it lasted. Some day I'll play a lot of blitz again, but first need to get myself strong.

There is a Dec 9th tournament coming up in Vermont, will have to decide at what level to enter. Ranks are such a pain, I'd rather just play and not think about rank at all.


Anonymous said...


Are you going to post what you think of Yilun Yang's Workshop Lectures, Volume 2 ? The sample pages that Slate&Shell have on their website are not very helpful (only life and death stuff). I've been thinking about getting it but I want to make sure it is worth it.


O_Scientist said...

YEs, I will post about that one too, I just haven't had the time yet to read it. SHould happen soon, and I'll make a post. I expect it will be excellent like Volume 1, but not giving any final judgements till I have actually read it :)


Anonymous said...


Bye the way, I really enjoy your blog.