Saturday, November 18, 2006

Even a Moron...

Remember the famous Kageyama quote 'Even a moron connects against a peep.'?

Last night, I was playing a game where I decided to go creative. Should just have played the simple connection. But nope, I wondered 'What happens if I play there instead?' I'll tell you what happened. I died. A totally miserable and unnecessary death. Painful. Good reminder to go back to basics.

Minue: 'Basics moves are "Basic" becuz they are usually best or better (most of time) than the other moves in Go. Basics doesn't mean something "low level" , but "Usually pro-ish move". Those moves are the first things to consider. We reject basic moves, when we have "Strong reasons" for it.'

In hindsight, naturally my reasons cannot be considered strong, even if they seemed like a good idea at the time. Yet another episode of 'Die and learn!'

Off to go club now, study session time! During our Thursday meetings we play, on our Saturday meetings we focus on studying.

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phantom said...

My go club works the same way, playing on Thursday and studdying on Saturday. It must be a good system. :)