Saturday, October 08, 2011

Random Study Subject: Invasions

Since I am studying more again, I have been looking into invasions. This was one of my interesting ones that I didn't know yet before it jumped up and started attacking me.


When I played white in a game, I confidently invaded, because we all know that an okeima star point corner lives without any problems, right?


There was the tiny issue of the other okeima. But this was a nice and sunnny day and the birds were singing, so I was willing to pretend that other okeima wasn't there, since it was too far away to count anyway...

I bet you can predict what happened. Yes, indeed, I died a totally miserable death...

Reader input: What is status of this corner with TWO okeimas?
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Unknown said...

This position is called the Butterfly.

If black answers the 3-3 invasion with Q17, then one continuation is white R16, black R15, white S15, black S14, white Q18, black P18, white S18. White lives.