Saturday, January 29, 2011

Against All Odds: Playing Go!

Still lots of life going on but surprisingly enough I actually have managed to fit go in way more than I did last year. I have been playing in the Advanced Study Room League although I need more games to promote to a higher group and the month is almost over.


I had been playing on wbaduk but got discouraged when there was a lot going on and somehow I lost all my games (go always reflects my state of mind.) Today I finally played there again and WON a game though so maybe there is hope. It can't have to do anything with the fact that I meditated earlier today, right?


I managed to play the Boston tournament a few weeks ago which was awesome to be able to devote a whole day to go.


This is a good start of the year. I hope it will continue like this!

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MarcoRosso said...

WOW, Nice pictures!