Thursday, November 04, 2010

L Plus 2

I have been playing on wbaduk, and have had some interesting life and death situations. Maybe more death situations than I would like to admit but that is another story. For now want to share this L+2 group followup.

In this game I was white and had a beautiful L+2 group, totally surrounded by black, but as we all know, healthy and alive.

We were in endgame and I had played one hane to the outside and felt comfortable leaving my group for perceived bigger moves.


He hane-ed from the other side, which I read as not sente, since if he extended I could just atari and connect and I would still be alive.


I played tenuki and he extended his hane stone. I was all prepared, atari-ed, expecting him to connect. Only he didn't! I can't believe he didn't just play the move I wanted him to play! Instead he counter atari-ed at A.


After I took, he played kosumi and we ended up in a seki (side note: even although I didn't add black stones to the left of the group, there were a lot, so couldn't really do anything there to increase liberties on that P1 stone. )


Hmmm, interesting. I looked at it later and could find no way to not end in seki but instead live with points. I clearly didn't read deeply enough when I decided to ignore his initial hane, since the seki made that move a lot bigger than it was otherwise. And here I thought I knew 'everything' about L+2 groups...
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Meepy said...

What if he started at t3?

NannyOgg said...

Before the hane, white can reply at s1 (after black starts at t3) and be fine.

After black's hane...
I think white is in big trouble if she tenukis and black starts at t3...

I guess tenuki was not a valid option after that black hane ^^


Anonymous said...

Oh nanny, How are you?
Yery Long time no see you.
Firstly, I'm very sorry for not having contact with you for long (maybe 1 year?).

If you don't mind, I'd like to talk about this postion on kgs later.

from Minue622